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Welcome to sunny Trappeto!

At 40 km from Palermo, in the heart of the Castellammare Gulf (Trapani), Trappeto is a true piece of paradise nestled within an environment of natural beauty, fertile soil and luscious greenery kissed by a sea of beautiful colours

A few kilometres away from the top tourist destinations of Western Sicily (Palermo, San Vito lo Capo, Erice, Segesta Zingaro Reserve, etc..) between the beaches of fine golden sand, crystal blue sea and stunning red sunsets lies Trappeto. Trappeto offers moments of relaxation and peace of mind while leaving you to discover the true flavours of Sicily by experiencing the traditions and folklore of the place.

The charming atmosphere, friendly people, excellent price / quality ratio of stays and good fish based cuisine makes Trappeto the ideal holiday destination holiday for groups of friends, couples and families. 

If your destination is Sicily, then this is the place to choose as your own little corner of paradise where you can enjoy all of the country’s beautiful, little pearls. 
Sun, sea, tradition, culture and relaxation ... not to mention entertainment throughout your relaxing stay in the city of sun and sea!

A bit of history...

Built in the fourteenth century in the Partenia forest of Frederick of Aragon, Trappeto slowly became a land rich in vineyards and citrus groves overlooking the sea, furrowed at a time of sailing ships loaded with sugar and wine - which are now loaded with tourists and holiday makers instead!

The name "Trappetum Cannamelarum" originates from the first construction of a mill (in 1480) for the extraction and refining of Cannamela sugar cane next to a fortified tower, like many of today's existing Arabic - Norman style towers that crown the surrounding territory's rich history of constant battle between Christians and Moors - Saracens. 

The first houses of the village were, for the most part, fishermen's houses, built around the Chiesa dell'Annunziata (Church of the Annunciation - 1680) located directly in the historical heart of the village. For centuries Trappeto has been populated by farmers and fishermen who have always mixed the sweetness of their natural products with the bitterness of a burdensome life of hardship and emigration to a Sicily oppressed by the Mafia.  

Immediately after the war, Trappeto became a symbol of complete misery, moved by the most sensitive souls of Italy and Europe, but thanks to the work of Danilo Dolci who, at the study centre of Borgo di Dio (1968) located on a hilltop of the town, single-handedly spread the cultural wealth and humanity of these Sicilians.

From then on began the revival by the same Trappetesi as before, driven by a renewed praise for a destiny of inevitable progress.  Trappeto has become a destination chosen for enthusiastic and loyal tourism that, in a town sunken in greenery and multicoloured houses of fishermen adorned with countless murals, still finds time to relax and enjoy social life.

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